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Powering Past Coal and Gas

It is time to confront the climate crisis. We’ve just got to get it done. What this plan shows is that acting on the climate emergency doesn’t require any personal sacrifice or change in our standard of living. In fact...
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How to vote Greens in the Senate

To make a formal vote in the Senate you must vote for at least 6 groups above the thick black line. The image below contains the suggested order of preferences for groups which share some of the same values as the...
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How to Vote Greens in the seat of Gilmore (House of Representatives)

To cast a formal vote for the Greens in the Lower House you should place a "1" in the box next to Carmel McCallum and then the numbers 2 to 7 in the other boxes. You MUST number all boxes....
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Australian Fair Trade and Investment Network give The Greens 10/10 for policy

The Australian Fair Trade and Investment Network has given The Greens 10/10 for their policy positions for the 2022 Federal Election. On access to COVID-19 vaccines and treatments during the pandemic, the Greens support a temporary waiver on World Trade...
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Nuclear Submarines? – Not in our backyard.

Carmel McCallum, the recently announced Greens candidate for Gilmore, has questioned the true motives behind the Prime Minister’s nuclear submarine announcement. “None of the three options was favoured by the Navy in its 2011 review,” she said.  “Port Kembla is...
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Fund Raiser for the Gilmore Federal Campaign

Ticket sales open: 12:00pm Wednesday 13 April 2022 Ticket sales close: 12:00pm Wednesday 11 May 2022 Facebook live raffle draw: 5:00 pm Wednesday 18 May 2022 Help support the Greens campaign in Gilmore this Federal Election and win a beautiful...
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The Greens Response to the Federal Budget

Greens Leader and MP for Melbourne, Adam Bandt delivers the Greens reply to the Scott Morrison's 2022 budget of bribes makes the climate crisis worse, locks in tax cuts for the wealthy and makes housing more expensive. The budget gives...
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A Future to Fight for

First Nations Justice - Truth and Justice Beyond Coal and Gas - a Future for Workers Expand Medicare - Free Dental and Mental Health Services Free Education and Wiping Student Debt Affordable Homes - Build a Million Homes Free and...
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15 Big Ideas for the Future

WE FACE A CRITICAL DECADE The global pandemic presented Australia with a chance to solve long term problems. Instead, inequality skyrocketed and the climate crisis has gotten worse. As millions of Australians struggled to keep their head above water, billionaires and big...
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Election Platform in Auslan

Here's our plan: We will tax the billionaires & big corporations, and provide the things we all need for a better life.  A safe climate. Free healthcare for all. Free education for all. Affordable housing. Secure, well paid jobs. An end...
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