Australian Fair Trade and Investment Network give The Greens 10/10 for policy

The Australian Fair Trade and Investment Network has given The Greens 10/10 for their policy positions for the 2022 Federal Election.

On access to COVID-19 vaccines and treatments during the pandemic, the Greens support a temporary waiver on World Trade Organisation (WTO) trade rules for monopolies on vaccines and other COVID products to expand global production, and support sponsorship of the waiver.

The Australian Greens have consistently opposed and moved amendments to trade deals containing ISDS, stronger medicine and copyright monopolies, provisions for deregulation of essential services and removal of labour market testing for temporary migrant workers.

They have supported enforceable labour rights and environmental standards in trade agreements and the public release and independent evaluation of trade agreement texts before signing. They voted against the enabling legislation of the CPTPP, the RCEP and bilateral agreements that were contrary to their policies, and criticised the Australia-UK FTA.

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