How to Vote Greens in the seat of Gilmore (House of Representatives)

To cast a formal vote for the Greens in the Lower House you should place a “1” in the box next to Carmel McCallum and then the numbers 2 to 7 in the other boxes. You MUST number all boxes.

The Greens How To Vote card is a recommendation for the order of preferences based on our strongly held view that the current Liberal/National government must be removed from office. To achieve that result whilst giving a very strong statement that Greens policies are those most suited to reversing the negative trends of the last decade and respond to the challenges of the future, we recommend that Labor (2) be preferenced before Liberal (3) in Gilmore. We do not believe that any of the other candidates’ policy platforms are worthy of consideration.

In the event that Carmel (The Greens) is not elected, the above preference order ensures that your vote is transferred in full to Labor before Liberal thus contributing to a possible change of government.

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See this link for correct formal voting in the House of Representatives and practice voting if you wish.

See this link for an explanation of preferential voting in the House of Representatives.

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