Powering Past Coal and Gas

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It is time to confront the climate crisis. We’ve just got to get it done.

What this plan shows is that acting on the climate emergency doesn’t require any personal sacrifice or change in our standard of living. In fact if we do it right, our energy bills will come down and hundreds of thousands of jobs will be created.

Benefits will happen immediately, but the legacy of it will last for generations.

Instead, Australia is experiencing a climate crisis from floods in Lismore and Ballina to fires in Mallacoota and Cobargo; and it is caused by mining and burning coal and gas. Both Liberals and Labor back more coal and gas. They take millions in donations from coal and gas billionaires and big corporations.

Net zero by 2050 is an empty slogan for ‘someone else’s problem’. We don’t have another three years to waste.

We need to kick the Morrison Government out. But a Labor government on its own won’t do what is necessary to stop the mining and burning of coal and gas that is driving the climate emergency. Both parties are captured by the donations and influence of coal, oil and gas companies with $11.9 million in political donations received since 2012.7

Labor’s climate policy position is the worst it has been in a decade and not by accident. Labor won’t act meaningfully on climate without the Greens to push them.

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