The Greens Response to the Federal Budget

Greens Leader and MP for Melbourne, Adam Bandt delivers the Greens reply to the Scott Morrison’s 2022 budget of bribes makes the climate crisis worse, locks in tax cuts for the wealthy and makes housing more expensive.

The budget gives coal, oil and gas corporations more than $37 billion, but climate spending is cut by 35 per cent. If you’re on a low income, you get a one-off $420 payment. But a billionaire gets $9,075, not as a one-off but every year as a tax cut. There’s $13 billion of public money—your money—going to push up housing prices but no new money to build affordable homes.

But the good news is we are less than 50 days from kicking this terrible government out, and this budget shows why that day can’t come soon enough.

Thanks to Shoalhaven Greens Website for the links to this material.

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